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Stihl offers a full range of chainsaws, trimmers, and blowers to help complete the job of fine-tuning a perfect lawn. Whether your jobs require tools that run on battery, electrical outlet, or gasoline Stihl has the answer. Grass and weed trimmers, hedge cutters, blowers to clear yard clippings and leaves; Stihl has the equipment to do the job with a well-engineered product designed to meet your needs.

Multiple tools with one power train and transmission system reduce the need to buy a separate piece of equipment for various jobs. Stihl’s Yard Boss and KombiSystems for the professional and the homeowner allow the user to change the equipment head to the one needed. Think of it as a multi-tool with a motor.


  •  Legendary STIHL Chain Saws are the #1 Selling Brand of Chain Saws Worldwide!
  • The majority of STIHL products are build right here in America, by Americans and are exported to over 90 countries around the world.
  • Full line of homeowner and professional Handheld and Backpack Blowers, as well as shredder vacs.