SnowEx Spreaders and De-icing Sprayers

If your business requires a salt spreader or liquid sprayer for ice removal, SnowEx has the right system for you and your customer.

SnowEx has:

  • SnowEx Walk Behind spreaderWalk behind spreaders and sprayers.
  • Tow behind spreaders.
  • Tailgate spreaders.
  • In-box spreaders and sprayers for pickup trucks.
  • Dump box spreaders.
  • Drop Pro Spreaders for use with tractors, gators, and other utility vehicles.

SnowEx products feature heavy duty polyethylene construction, a patented auger system, and are designed to be corrosion resistant. Control systems allow you to put the correct amount of ice melting material where you need it quickly to keep the job profitable.

Walk-behind spreaders are used for small application uses where the salt or ice melter is bagged. These spreaders feature 160 pound capacity, top screen, and hopper cover.

SnowEx Tow Behind SpreaderTow-behind spreaders are for use with compact tractors, ATVs, and utility vehicles that can broadcast salt for sidewalks or adjusted to cover up to forty foot swathes.

They feature:

  • Polyethylene Hopper Construction
  • Ground Drive
  • Manual Flow Gate
  • Adjustable Stainless-Steel Spinner
  • Sidewalk Deflector

Together these features provide corrosion resistance, reduced maintenance, precision calibration and control of the de-icing product, and fine tuning of the spread area.

SnowEx Tailgate spreader

We have Tailgate Spreaders in three different product lines. All Tailgate spreaders are designed to mount to a standard 2-inch receiver hitch on pickups and SUVs, with kits available for use on ATVs, skid steers and other service vehicles.

Common features include polyethylene hoppers, corrosion resistance, and spreader controls designed to spread product efficiently.

SnowEx Wireless spreaderWireless Series

Installs quickly and operates wirelessly.
These spreaders mount to a 2-inch receiver hitch and connect to a standard 7-pin plug. Then, you’re ready to operate with a pocket-sized wireless remote.

Utility Series

Adapts to a wide range of service vehicles.
With the right adaptor kit the utility series spreaders are capable of being mounted on a wide range of utility vehicles and compact tractors.

Pro Series

Features high capacity and handles the toughest materials.
The Pro series tailgate spreaders from SnowEx are ideal for contractors servicing small accounts, as well as those who simply wish to free up their truck beds.

V-Box In-Bed Spreaders

The SnowEx line of V-Box in-bed spreaders have carrying capacities ranging from 0.5 to 4 cubic yards and models that can fit in the beds of utility vehicles, pickups, and large trucks.

SnowEx’s in-bed spreaders range in size from our highest capacity V-Maxx series, to the Vee Pro series that are more suited for the smaller contractor.

All V-Box in-bed spreaders feature:

  • Our patented auger system for handling a wide variety or combination of materials
  • Inverted “V” baffle
  • Attached vibrator
  • Quick-connect spinner assembly
  • Independent auger and spinner controls

SnowEx V-Box salt spreaders are constructed with SnowEx’s heavy duty polyethylene construction and designed with other low maintenance features that make our spreaders durable and reliable.

To further optimize your productivity, check out the Salt-Traxx® digital job tracker, used to record your material usage and time spent on each job.

The V-Maxx 2200 dump box spreader installs below the tailgate of dump beds. This allows a dump truck to spread material without having to remove the tailgate. The V-Maxx 2200 dump box spreader comes with a hinged clean-out tray, polyethylene construction, and independent spinner and auger controls.

*Please refer to the Spreading Material and Compatibility Chart.

  • Rugged polyethylene hopper — eliminates corrosion
  • Totally self-contained patented 12-volt electric drive/transmission sealed unit
  • Low maintenance – no pulleys, sprockets, chains or belts
  • Heavy-duty non-combustible automotive-style wiring harness
  • Work light and universal mount kit are standard
  • Independent spinner and auger control
  • Available electric or hydraulic
  • 2-year warranty

Walk behind liquid de-icing sprayers allow users to spray liquid brine or other de-icing materials to icy walk ways with ease. Liquid brine and de-icing spraying is very effective at melting ice, creating safe walking areas in harsh environments.

SnowEx manufactures a line of de-icing sprayers, which are more effective than salting alone. Salt or brine sprayers can be utilized in multiple ways, spraying brine and other de-icing liquids before, during, after, or instead of salting.

SnowEx de-icing sprayers can handle any liquid on the market for pre-wetting, de-icing, and anti-icing treatment. By pairing a de-icing sprayer with any SnowEx spreader, users can boost the de-icing potential of a treatment.

All Walk Behind Sprayers feature:

  • Polyethylene Hopper Construction – eliminates corrosion
  • Adjustable spraying widths of 36″ to 38″
  • 120 gallons per charge
  • Available in powder-coated steel or stainless steel frame

SnowEx Pre-wetting sprayerPre-Wetting Sprayers

SnowEx pre-wetting sprayers are used in the ice control industry to make salt more effective as a deicing agent. Pre-wetting sprayers make the salt more wet so that it sticks to the road and allows salt to work even when temperatures are below freezing. This ensures that the salt you put down goes where it’s needed and gets the job done while saving your company’s time and money.

In-Bed Sprayers

SnowEx in-bed sprayers are the perfect complement to any truck or trailer spreader including the V-Box, Dump Box, or Tailgate spreader. In-bed sprayers are constructed with a flat steel bottom that can be bolted down to any truck or trailer bed. In-bed sprayers can be plugged into SnowEx controllers to electronically calibrate the flow according to the material feed rate.