Salsco Woodchippers

Salsco Commercial Wood Chipper

Whether your business is turning brush and small limbs or whole trees into woodchips, Salsco has your equipment needs met. Salsco manufactures tough chippers that can handle branches from the small stuff all the way up to 18” in diameter.  And the features that are optional on other brands of commercial wood chippers are standard on Salsco products.

Salsco chippers can be powered by your tractor’s PTO or can be built with either a gas or diesel engine from engine manufacturers including Honda, Kohler, John Deere, and Kubota.  From an 8 horse Honda gas engine up to 140 horsepower diesel Salsco gives you the choices you want in buying a serious commercial wood chipper.

Whether you need gravity feed or hydraulic feed Salsco has your chipper. Salsco components are powder coated, baked enamel and individually painted before assembly to prevent rust. All Salsco manufactured parts are designed and manufactured to combat corrosion and stand up to years of use turning trees and branches into wood chips and mulch.

When you want years of service with heavy duty quality parts and corrosion resistance, you need a Salsco from Heavy Duty Equipment.

Salsco Wood ChippersSalsco PTO Chippers (PDF)

Salsco Engine Driven Chippers (PDF)

PTO Gravity Feed Chippers:

  • 600PTO Chipper, 3.5″ Capacity
  • 624PTO Chipper, 4″ Capacity
  • 627PTO Chipper, 6″ Capacity
  • 6210PTO Chipper, 10″ Capacity

PTO, Hydraulic Feed Chippers

  • 624XT Chipper, 4″ Capacity
  • 824PTO Chipper, 4″ Capacity
  • 826PTO Chipper, 6″ Capacity
  • 627XT PTO Chipper, 6″ Capacity
  • 6210XT Chipper, 10″ Capacity
  • 810PTO Chipper, 10″ Capacity

Salsco Engine Driven ChipperEngine Driven, Gravity Feed Chippers

  • 600 Series Chippers, 3.5″ Capacity
  • 413H, 416B & 425S Chippers, 4.5″ Capacity
  • 6240S Chipper, 6″ Capacity

Engine Driven, Hydraulic Feed Chippers

  • 84 Series Chippers, 4″ Capacity
  • 62 Series Chippers, 6″ Capacity
  • 86 Series Chippers, 6″ Capacity
  • Model 810M Chipper, 10″ Capacity
  • Model 810 Chipper, 10″ Capacity
  • Model 813 Chipper, 13″ Capacity
  • Model 813XT Chipper, 13″ Capacity
  • Model 818 Chipper, 18″ Capacity
  • Model 818XT Chipper, 18″ Capacity
  • Model 8635TK, Tax-track Chipper