RedMax offers a full line of handheld and backback blowers, trimmers, hedge trimmers, and brush cutters.

RedMax Blower


RedMax Blowers

RedMax hand held blowers are lightweight and well balanced. This provides for easy handling and extended use without the physical stress. With three models to select from RedMax has a blower to meet the user’s needs.

All backpack units are equipped with variable speed cruise control throttles and extra-wide shoulder straps and a contoured, air-forced, cushioned back pad that keeps users cool in the field.

RedMax Backpack Blower

With 8 different models to select from that develop from 2.3 horsepower to 4.3 horsepower RedMax has the right backpack blower to finish one job and move to the next rapidly and profitably.

RedMax Trimmers

RedMax trimmers are designed to reduce vibration, be smooth-running, with a greater load-carrying capacity due to their solid-steel drive shafts that are more dependable than other trimmers using either a ‘flex-cable’ or ‘flex-shaft’ design. This allows RedMax trimmers to run trouble and maintenance free longer than their competitors.

RedMax BCZ260S Trimmer

The New RedMax BCZ260S Trimmer

With a product line of 13 trimmers that run the gambit from the light duty home owner to the heavy duty torque requirements of the commercial user, RedMax has the right trimmer.

RedMax Hedge Trimmers

All hedge trimmers incorporate double-reciprocating blades to provide fast, clean, manicured cuts. Our double-sided blades are best used for fast cutting in any direction when time is most important. When accuracy is the highest priority, the single-sided blades are used for accurate sculpting and creative cutting.

RedMax Brush CutterRedMax Brush Cutters

Built to withstand the most difficult clearing jobs from tough grasses and shrubs to dense undergrowth, RedMax brushcutters are the highest caliber professional-commercial duty equipment available. Equipped with heavy-duty integrated vibration reduction systems and ergonomic handles and grips, these superior units are easy-to-use with a focus on maximizing user comfort in the field.