Plantskydd logoLandscapers are constantly dealing with the health and look of their customer’s gardens, lawns, shrubs and trees. Discoloration, empty patches and dead or disfigured plants and trees can all be signs of animal pest damage.

Plantskydd can stop browsing deer, rabbits, voles, elk, moose, squirrels and chipmunks in their tracks, and allow plants to grow and thrive.

We want to help you protect your customer’s treasured gardens by adding a repellent program to your landscaping services.

Plantskydd bulk products Granular deer repellent

Plantskydd is the #1 choice of professional landscapers for cost-effective and environmentally safe animal repellents.

This product is effective against deer, rabbits, hares, voles, squirrels, chipmunks and other critters.

To keep mischievous deer away from your garden, use liquid RTU or powder concentrate to cover plants above 2 feet. For extra protection, use our granular around the perimeter.