eXmark commercial lawn mowers have a reputation for quality, reliability, dependability, and affordability in a full line of Zero Turning Radius commercial mowers and stand-on commercial mowers. And eXmark listens to its customers and responds with mower decks from 36 inches up to 60 inches, dependable Kohler or Kawasaki engines, and attention to details like a seat so comfortable you’ll wish you could take it into your living room! There’s even an optional cup holder for your stand on mower.

In addition to their full line of ZTR mowers, stand-on and walk-behind mowers, eXmark also features other turf management tools including aerators, slicer seeders, and stump grinders.

Exmark Radius ZTR Riding MowerZero Turning Riding Mowers (ZTRs)

Zero Turning Riding Mowers allow the mower to pivot on its independent drive wheels thus reducing the turning radius and providing precise cutting maneuverability.

For use in both residential and commercial applications ZTR mowers turn large yards into small work. With mower decks from 34 inches to 74 inches, engines ranging from 19.5 to 40 horsepower, the ability to turn on a dime, ZTR mowers take the work out of yard-work. ZTR mowers help to minimize the additional time required to finish the job with their exceptional maneuverability, allowing operators to cut close to trees, ornamental plant beds, bushes and other obstacles in the yard.

ZTR mowers cut from two acres to six acres of lawn in an hour depending on deck size, engine horsepower and speed of operation.

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Exmark Staris S-Series stand on mowerStand-on Mowers

Stand-on mowers allow the operator, whether a professional or a homeowner, to stand on the mower deck instead of having to walk behind the mower; in effect a riding lawnmower without a seat. The time spent mowing is not limited to how fast an operator can walk. With mower decks from 36 inches to 52 inches stand-on mowers make short work of large yards.

Staris E-Series, Staris S-Series, Staris S-Series EFI Mowers

Walk Behind Mowers

Commercial 21 S-Series, Commercial 21 X-Series, Commercial 30 S-Series, Commercial 30 X-Series, Metro Gear Drive Mowers, Viking Hydro Mowers, Turf Tracer S-Series, Turf Tracer X-Series

Exmark Stand on AeratorWalk-Behind and Stand-on Aerators

The eXmark Stand-on aerator mates the precision, maneuverability, and speed of a stand-on mower with a walk-behind aerator in a revolutionary design that reduces the time necessary to aerate lawns thus promoting the health and growth of the grass with hydraulically set core depth ranging from 2 to 5 inches for its 48 tines. With a top speed of 7 miles per hour this machine covers ground faster than the traditional walk-behind aerator with better results.

Walk Behind Aerators, Stand-On Aerators