Billy Goat Industries, Inc.

Billy Goat LogoLocated outside Kansas City, MO Billy Goat Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing wheeled blowers, vacuum debris loaders, leaf litter vacuums, high weed and heavy brush mowers for more than 45 years.

The blowers range in size, power, and options to meet the needs of customers from homeowners to lawn care professionals. Billy Goat provides the ability to attach a blower to ZTRs with remote control nozzle direction for all 360 degrees so that the operator does not have to stop to change nozzle direction.

Billy Goat Leaf and Debris LoaderVacuum debris loaders feature Billy Goat’s patented Piranha shredder that reduces debris at a ratio of 12:1 allowing debris piles to be rapidly reduced. With various mounting options these debris loaders allow the user to put the loader on the ground, the truck, or trailer. Engine size starts from a reliable 13 horsepower Honda engine on up to a 35 horsepower Vanguard engine on the top of the line commercial/municipal grade equipment.

Billy Goat Brush CutterLeaf litter and debris vacuums allow for the quick clean up lawns. These vacuums are self-propelled, with a serrated impeller allowing for maximum bag capacity before emptying is required, and the choice of either Honda or Briggs and Stratton engines.

The Billy Goat line of high weed mowers make short work of those areas that are not required to be mowed as frequently as the rest of the job but when it comes time to trim it up Billy Goat has the mower for the job. Billy Goat heavy brush mowers cut up to 6 foot tall grass and 2 inch saplings with ease.